Automatic Geometry and Exposure Matching

There is no need to take pictures in some prescribed order. Handles horizontal, vertical, multiple rows, as well as 360×180 panoramas. Automatically matches exposure between overlapping photos to create one seamless composite image.

Automatic Geometry

Multiple Projections

PanoEdit supports spherical and rectilinear projections.

Interactive Projection Editor

No more entering yaw, pitch and roll parameters into edit boxes. Just click and drag to tweak your panorama and see the results in real time. Straighten the horizon, change the projection center with immediate feedback.

Panorama Crop Tool

Cropping a panorama is not the same thing as cropping a regular photo. Whenever you modify a panorama projection or straighten horizon crop rectangle should be updated. It is when PanoEdit’s automatic cropping comes into play. In ‘Inscribed’ mode the crop rectangle will be kept inscribed into the panorama to remove curved edges. In ‘Superscribed’ it will precisely cover all panorama.

OS X Integration.

PanoEdit benefits from lots of OS X technologies from native UI to ImageIO and ColorSync. Reads all the image formats that OS X understands.

Undo/Redo Support

Undo/Redo is available for all editing actions through conventional shortcuts.