How To Choose Your First Skateboard?

Skateboarding is a massively popular hobby and the best part is it even burns calories. If you have been thinking of buying your first skateboard then make sure you do not go for some cheap board that looks good because you can learn on it but trust me it will break during the first trick. Also I suggest you absolutely do not buy from an online e-commerce site and go to a proper skate shop.


The brand I would suggest is ReVive. ReVive is a great brand and the material used is good.

An eight inch skateboard/ deck is what I would suggest because it’s not too wide and not too narrow. Your height does not matter unlike what you have heard from many sources before. Please visit for more information about skateboarding shoes.

Trucks are your next buy

Make sure the board size matches the truck size. Some trucks do not turn well apparently but that again depends on your riding style. Cheapest ones will work well too.

The next thing is that wheels are important.

Go for softer wheels. Softer wheels are better in general and especially when you are not trying street skating but if you are then harder wheels might be better. You get to customize even the color of wheels. Now let’s move to bearings. This directly affects your safety so pick some good and fast ones. Another thing to keep in mind is how to choose the skateboard grip tape. Its use is to provide traction and it helps the rider maintain a grip on the board while doing tricks.

Next thing to note is that the nose is generally a little bigger than the tail.

The concave matters too. Some people think that steeper concave makes boards easier to flip but that again isn’t a sure shot formula and depends on your riding style.

The types of skateboard besides a normal skateboard which I would like to recommend for a beginner are the long board and a cruiser.

A long board provides maneuverability and stability. Both these elements are needed for beginners although a long board is not so great for tricks and flips. Use a long board to ride downhill or on a flat road. Cruiser should also be used only on flat roads

The last thing to do is to forget all tips anyone gave you and go to the skate store and stand on the board, on the head and on the tail and pick a board that feels right.