Introducing PanoEdit

Making a panoramic photo with PanoEdit: Take overlapping photos Click match Save seamless blended composite image. Learn how to create great panoramic photos.

Automatic Geometry and Exposure Matching

There is no need to take pictures in some prescribed order. Handles horizontal, vertical, multiple rows, as well as 360×180 panoramas. Automatically matches exposure between overlapping photos to create one seamless composite image. Multiple Projections PanoEdit supports spherical and rectilinear projections. Interactive Projection Editor No more entering yaw, pitch and roll parameters into edit boxes. …

PanoEdit Help Reference

How to Take Source Images Properly taking source images is crucial to successful panorama stitching. When taking images, rotate camera around some fixed point. A tripod is not required to stitch a good panorama but remember that a heavily moving camera from side to side, especially for indoor scenes, will lead to rendering artifacts or …